Un|fenced provides strategic support for the launch of new initiatives, coaches individuals and teams to strengthen leadership and cohesion, and helps organizations in-transition assess their challenges and choices on the road to greater impact and scale.

Transition is the new constant state. The flow of business and life today requires organizations, teams, and leaders to continually imagine and reimagine their operations, opportunities, and purpose. Even at their most successful moments, organizations, teams, and leaders must be prepared for significant choice points, change, and reimagining. 

Un|fenced supports the next generation of purposeful organizations and leaders to create positive change and realize significant progress. We support strategic initiatives, build collaborations, and help organizations, teams, and leaders move to action on work that matters.

Working with Un|fenced is fluid, direct, and fun. We break logjams and create new momentum.


Focus areas.

Un|fenced guides and actively supports new and changing projects, programs, and teams. We roll-up our sleeves and work directly with leaders and teams to set strategic direction, identify problems and solutions, and develop realistic frameworks for moving forward. 


More than ever, strong organizations are collections of empowered individuals and teams joined in common purpose. Un|fenced provides strategic counsel, organizational culture assessment, development for emerging leaders, and intergenerational collaboration and transition strategies to create great places to do good work.


Teams form, execute, and re-form as a regular course of business. Their effectiveness at the basics of purposeful collaboration, more so than even technical competence or experience, can determine whether they succeed or struggle. Un|fenced focuses on the tactics and practices that make teams effective, efficient, and meaningful. 

Virtual teams are not simply in-person teams that work online. They require a collaborative art all their own. Un|fenced provides quick, meaningful virtual team development systems that can be incorporated into the fabric of an organization's culture for lasting impact.


Individual talents, engagement, and flexibility form the backbone of all teams and organizations. Un|fenced provides no-nonsense coaching, assessment, and practices to help leaders assess, choose, and scale their impact at work that matters. 


Current and recently completed projects.


Un|fenced principal, Andrew Leider, regularly serves as a Senior Consultant with Potrero Group focusing on strategic business planning for social sector, mission-driven ventures. 


Outdoor Safety Institute is a premier provider of safety and program management consulting to the outdoor recreation industry. Un|fenced works with OSI on organizational development and culture projects, and supports project and business management.


Un|fenced provides Voyageur Outward Bound School with strategic counsel, marketing and leadership support, and special projects management and research.


BARR Center is an education start-up working to change schools from the inside out. Un|fenced supported BARR Center's organizational and team development during a period of rapid growth and transition.

Andrew L. Leider, principal

Andrew L. Leider, principal


Un|fenced is led by Andrew Leider and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrew has led organizations, learning programs, and national initiatives for over 20 years. He is an expert at the craft of leadership and the nuances of people working together. Andrew studied Somatics at Strozzi Institute and holds a Somatic Coach certification. His foundational leadership experience comes from his deep history leading experiential education programs, where he first realized that leadership is not something you do, it is something you are.

Un|fenced uses a flexible team approach for each project. Consultants are engaged for their specific expertise and relevant experience on a project-by-project basis in collaboration with our clients.